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本人原在中區居住,剛於西灣河置業(中區父母住,還留著房間給我們).大仔在英皇同學會小學讀P3.細仔在中區讀K2..大仔二三年級測驗考試中文90-98分,英文85-91分,數學92-96分,常識86-96分.操行+本人想讓他轉去西灣河基灣小學,但是聽說基灣小學程度很深,想請教::以大仔的成績他能跟得上嗎??能排到較前的名次嗎?考慮到升中問題,在哪邊讀會有利將來升讀Bank1英中???<<因我見中西區只得英皇書院.較多位>>若連細仔一同考慮,又該如何去選擇? ....

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    I may give you the advices as follows:

    1) "Kei Wan" is an excellent primary school for decades. The numerals tell me your elder son should be able to survive in "Kei Wan" but I cannot accurately estimates his position because I do not know the level of difficulty of his exam. papers in the current school.

    Yet I am still optimistic.

    2) There are a lot of Band 1 schools in Islands for boys to apply:

    聖若瑟書院 聖保羅書院 聖保羅男女中學 英皇書院 聖類斯中學 高主教書院 灣仔區 香港華仁書院 聖保祿中學 嘉諾撒聖方濟各書院 皇仁書院 聖公會鄧肇堅中學 東區 聖馬可中學 張祝珊英文中學 筲箕灣官立中學 香港中國婦女會中學 聖士提反書院 聖公會呂明才中學

    They have govt. schools, DSS or aided schools.

    3) I recommend you to select a few sec. schools you want, and check which primary schools have linkages with them. You should seriously consider those primary schools which have relationship or from the same organization with the mother secondary schools, and then apply later.

    Hope the advice can help.

    資料來源: Mathematics Teacher Mr. Ip