I will write a special meal but idon't write

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    I am sure if you could follow my ideas below, your problem can be solved at once.

    A special Meal


    Last month, I participated in a public draw organized by a snack food manufacturer. The result was released last week that, I won the first prize in a big surprise!

    I phoned the organizer at once and I understood the prize was a special meal with G.E.M., a young and popular female local singer. I have been her fans for quite a while and I am so delighted for such a golden opportunity to meet up her and chat with her.

    I start to prepare what I should dress and I should talk with G.E.M. After selection, I decided to wear the most expensive suit I have. In the meanwhile, have also bought a few DVDs of G.E.M. to watch and see whether I can open some conversations with her around her songs. I believed I have fully prepared for this special meal.

    The big day comes today and this special meal was arranged in a hotel located at Tsim Sha Tsui East. I arrived punctually and I showed my identity card for status verification. I got the approval to enter and G.E.M. has been there! How beautiful and cute she is! I am proud for I am still a few centimeters higher than her! I was so excited that I forgot to shake hands with her and I forgot what I prepared to speak with her. Finally it is G.E.M. who starts conversation and made me relief.

    The quality and the taste of that meal are not my concern. I only focus on talking with G.E.M, sharing on her musical career, her family status and her favourites. I am extremely impressed when she signed on a newly released DVD and gifted me! This special meal lasted for approximately an hour and we exchanged our Facebook accounts before departure.

    I would never forget this special day, this special meal. I hope next year I can win the prize again, so I have a second chance to meet up with G.E.M.

    Simply use it and I am sure you can get high marks! Trust me!

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