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有無人可以幫我譯做英文呀?急丫~thx ~




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    Copy of identity card should be provided ONLY after confirmation of employment, when requested.

    Under the law, personal information of the applicants are not required to be kept in record over long period of time.

    If, after "PCPD" investigation, it is proven to be against the law, "PCPD" will provide guidelines to the person or institution in violation, for them to follow. If there has not been any improvement to be made or not been following the guidelines, depending on the seriousness of the case, it will be handed to the police for further investigation, which should be a criminal offense, of maximum fine 50,000.00 and 2 years imprisonment.

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    After the confirmation hires, if has the need only then to be possible to request it to provide the ID card transcription.In the legal regulation had not stipulated that the job seeker material the storage life is much long.If after " PCPD" After the investigation, confirmed that violates related lists item by item, " PCPD" Will give the revision direction spear contrary person or the organization, will make the correct improvement, if still violated lists item by item, or with from the direction improvement, will not regard gravity of the case, will hand over the spear police to process, and will be the criminal activity. Fines high 50,000.00 and imprisons for 2 years.

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