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    The arrival of Butt has both advantages and disadvantages:


    He is a versatile player with great skills and abundant experience. He can introduce premier playing style to local.He is popular and he can definitely help to arouse the public interest and stimulate the number of audiences.He can help South China in the midfield a lot for he is a player with good defensive mind and long-shot ability.


    His salary is around 30,000 pounds / week, which is much much higher than local players. If the money is put in youth development programme, probably in long term basis the benefits to our football development is higher.He only joins us from end January to mid May which does not suit the Asian League time framework. South China should not be the local dominant only, but should strive for some Asian recognized award.His actual playing attitude is questioned for last time it is only a 1-match game and he wants to use the game for bargaining one good contract.His injury record made me concerns whether he can stay healthy in the period he joined South China.

    2010-12-09 20:11:41 補充:

    Butt was first privately invited by Mr. Law, the chairperson of South China in early Nov. 10. Since he was released by Newcastle United after the Premier Leqgue last season, he was a free agent and he could sign with any team immediately.

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    The offer made by Mr. Law was very attractive and you know, he could be regarded as a Hong Kong superstar which is so proud. Hence he decided to change to HK for a trial.

    2010-12-09 20:12:05 補充:

    This is not the first time Mr. Law wants to recruit some famous players. Last year as I heard, he wanted to recuit a stricker from Hulls City, probably Fargan who is still playing now in Champion League, but was rejected. I think he could consider to introduce some J-league Brazilian here.

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