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    The "Father of Fiber Optics," Kao reputation, with conviction, obsessed with research, and ultimately relying on a slightly thicker than a human hair fiber, in order to bring about a landmark global communications revolution, how can high-speed flow of information, so that global integration.

    Born in Shanghai in 1933, Charles Kao, a wealthy family in 1949, studied at St. Joseph's College in Hong Kong, not graduated from high school, his father had been sent to study in the UK, has made the University of London BSc and PhD degrees.

    Kao recall was a child, have been very fond of playing "the game of science." "I tried home-made explosives, and explosives hidden in the mud, and then knead into a small dumpling-like』 『weapons, thrown to the ground, make fun of cats and dogs passing by ... ..." He described the "invention" of the process is happy, "work" type also varied, from the fire extinguishers, fireworks, paper to the radio, etc., are his "science and technology innovation."

    High-Kun, with most young men in 1960, as international calls in the UK after graduating from the telecommunications company's total research, a technical researcher find a job. However, he was creative, and has a great determination.

    Kao was already put forward the "Optical Communications" theory, even though almost all of his disdain, but his confidence in his own theory as to glass, "Optical Communications", the transmission capacity to one million times higher than traditional techniques . So, for his efforts throughout Europe to "sell" their theory and seek research funding. In 1966, he finally made the use of high purity as a light transmission medium of glass, "Optical Communications" basic theory, attracted worldwide attention. To 1981, built according to this theory, the first optical system is finally available, until today, has been widely used fiber optic systems, and created the rise of the Internet boom.

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    簡介--Sir Charles Kao, GBM, KBE (Sir Charles Kuen Kao, 1933 年 11 January 4 -), Chinese American physicist, was born in Shanghai, China [1], native of Jiangsu Jinshan (now the Shanghai Jinshan District) [3 ], with the UK, U.S. citizenship [1] and holding a Hong Kong resident status [4], currently in Hong Kong and the United States both living in Mountain View, California [5]. Kao for the fiber-optic communications, electrical engineering expert, the Chinese media reputation as "Father of Fiber Optics" [6], universal reputation as the "Father of optical fiber communication" (Father of Fiber Optic Communications), former president of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In 2009, half of the Nobel Prize in Physics Award, in recognition of his "in the fibers transmitting light to reach the pioneering achievements in optical communication

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    學歷--In 1985, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Honorary Doctor of Science

    In 1990, Honorary Doctor of Science University of British Sai Sasi

    In 1990, the Republic of China National Chiao Tung University, Honorary Doctor of Engineering [47] [48]

    In 1991, Soka University Japan, Honorary Doctorate

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