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Sandy 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 9 年前

cause of Racial Discrimination

What is the cause of Racial Discrimination

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  • 9 年前


    To generalize racism, the visual outlook of any ethnic groups are the primary reasons for indivdual hatred or love. It is a well understood fact that humans are heavily dependent on our five senses as we : see to distinguish beauty from the beast; smell to decide pleasant from the foul; hear to determine the truth from a lie, and we touch to understand the texture from smoothness to sharpness. Undeniably, if one were to be deprived from these important senses that we nurture from young, we could only fathom that he would have lost all his thinking, judgement and feeling which would eventually turned to be a vegetable. ..... (more)

    1) Visual - Eye

    a. black or white = predominantly black= mysterious, fear: white= purity

    b. beauty or ugly

    c. thinking.. (lol)

    conclude : Hate = fear in acceptance;

    2) Smell- Nose

    a. Perfume -

    b. Fruit -

    c. Body odour

    conclude : hate = smell that are repulsive

    3) Listening - Ears

    a. Foreign -

    b. Linguistic ability-

    c. Rudeness -

    conclude : hate = rude; loudness; etc

    4) Touch - hands

    a. Hair texture -

    b. skin colour = dirty?

    c. thinking (lol)

    conclude : hate= dirty, sharpness, rough that cuts


    can't write yet - scattered ideas, shouldn't be a problem

    * I've try to outline your arguement in point form for your further discovery, try writing a thesis on human senses in relationship to racism and give a conclusive answer to each senses. Believe this is something new that have never been viewed in this perspective and it would be good to see things in a different light.

    Good Luck

    everyone is born Lazy!!!

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