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F.3 Science 超緊急!!!! 15分!

我想問how to increase the concentration of HCL(hydrochloric acid )?? 例如把2m的hcl變成4m的hcl,該如何做? 要在45mins 之內做完>_<

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    try this:

    set up a relux heating for your acid.

    when boiled, water vapor will condense while HCl gas will escape. collect the gas by tubing and pass it to another acid solution, with inverted funnel at the end to aid dissolution of HCl gas.

    or just boil the acid, then pass all the vapor through concentrated sulphuric acid. water is absorbed and retained by sulphuric acid, while HCl remains as gas. pass the gas to another portion of acid...

    the main problem is that HCl is a gas, boiling point lower than room temp.. evaporation of water to concentrate the acid is very difficult, if not impossible.