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是騙子嗎? 要求用快遞比咗戶口資料佢???

Thanks for the mail, i am very happy to hear this from you, i want you to understand that i need the item very urgent for my son in China as a gift, and i will pay money for the sony erission xperia including the shipping charges to my son address, so contact me back with the total cost and the shipment charges via EMS SPEED POST so that i will quickly go for the payment.

Also i will pay through bank to bank money transfer so contact me back with your full bank details for the payment.

Account Name

Account Number

Bank Name

Auction Link item

Email Address

Total Cost + Shipping




Your Payment has been Processed Successfully on your behalf and it remain the final process to Transfer your money into Your Bank Account, but before this we will need the EMS SPEED POST Tracking Number of the item before we can activate your bank account.

更新 2:

This is how we work things out here,Concerning the payment For Goods and We do hope you will understand us well and Comprehend with us about our form of payment to Secure both the buyer and seller interest from any Type Of Risk and Fraudulent Practices that iVery Rampant Through Online Transactions.

更新 3:

OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS. We write to inform you of the readiness of this bank to make the transfer as soon as the shipment is made and verified .

We urge you to please send to us the EMS SPEED POST scanned receipt of this shipment for a through verification.

更新 4:

re: frustrated usps

你的回覆收到. 當地在英國會計部發了一封信, 似本票, 台頭show citi- no citi bank . 信件上有烈明巳過數進行中, 但直至現在還沒有此數項, 要求我先要tracking no 才過數. 但沒有任何電郵再提及此交易如何? 銀行是不理會tracking no?起不是有騙人的案件. 但巳超過三天. ??

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    佢冇你名同a/c number 點過數俾你? 你咪quote 個價 + 快遞俾佢,等佢過左數,你都銀行check 過先寄貨. 未過數就唔好交貨,ems, 快遞有簽收,可以查架嘛.

    2010-11-16 18:19:22 補充:

    你邊間銀行? 到底佢過左數到你間銀行未?去check 你間銀行a/c . 未過數就唔好寄野. 銀行唔會問你要ems tracking number 架喎. 銀行唔理呢d o野. 除非係第三者. 總之都係o個句,未過數唔好寄貨. 你叫個買家入錢落你銀行戶口。 要過數先出貨. 否則就唔好再理佢喇

    2010-11-16 18:21:52 補充:

    睇落似騙子. 過數通常唔使等3 日. 佢淨係email 呢d o野俾你. 似呃人

    2010-11-19 21:40:54 補充:

    如果你自己個銀行戶口冇呢筆數, 咪即係呃鬼你囉. o甘你認唔認到到底係咩銀行. 大陸就有支付寶係需要等收到貨物先過數. 但雙方都o係支付寶到登記過. 同埋如果佢話入落你戶口,點解又有英國寄黎o既 check? 你同佢講佢唔過數就唔出貨.

    可能係張假check . 你可以報警話佢用假check . 等d 警察去查. 呢個人o既資料你有冇?

    2010-11-19 21:41:06 補充:

    以前我都收到過類似o既野,不過佢地係用paypal 黎呃. 我只收paypal. 佢地仲會整封假paypal 收款email 話已經過左條數. 之後就猛叫我寄貨. 我check 我paypal 戶口係冇人過數俾我囉. 我就問o個個人羅佢資料話係過海關要用,之後我將d email 同佢d 資料email左俾 fbi . 然後我作左個 tracking number 話寄左貨俾佢. 之後我都冇理過佢email.

    以前我會email 返去話會將d 信寄俾fbi 佢地就冇再email 黎.

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    this kind of thing . I always have happened several times . when I post something want to sell at yahoo or ebay .. always said will settle TT by bank directly. And need to pprovide all the details for our personal a/c. but I will not give any details coz very damages to use my own information to let them create new credit card without my apporval or notice . afterwards . I need to bear their credit amount ...... crazy