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1.What is the name of the movie which you have closen? (what about you,Jack?)

2.What is the type of the movie?

3.Could you describe some mojor characters in the movie?

4.Who is your favourite characters in the movie?Why?

5.Do you like the movie?why?

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  • Yogi
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    10 年前


    I will give you an example for reference. You may take a look of it.

    The film needs not to be "What about you, Jack?".

    I'd like to recommend Mr. Bean's Holiday to you.

    1) The name is "Mr. Bean's Holiday".

    2) It is a comedy.

    3) The major characters in the movie: Mr. Bean, Vicar, Sabine

    4) Mr. Bean is my favourite character. It is because he is very funny and has good acting that makes me laugh all the time.

    5) I like the movie very much because it is very interesting and very funny scenes can be seen in the movie. It always makes me laugh when I was watching the film. Also, it has a wonderful plot that makes me to be addicted to the film. The song inserted in the middle is also a good piece of composition. It is a good film that I would like to recommend to all of you.



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  • 10 年前
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