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要一個report係關於chinese cuisine 和 American cuisine嘅作文! (80字以上)要快!.

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    When we are discussing the word 'cuisine', what do you think? In my opinion, cuisine is an art and it is also a cosmopolitan culture, which is remarkably different between different ethnics and civilizations. Regarding to some eateries guide books, having a snap-shot of worldwide cuisines, we can soon realize that some exceptional and marvellous dishes. For me, Chinese cuisine and American cuisine hold a great faschination to me, and these two styles are entirely distinct with each other.

    One of the noticeable trait of Chinese cuisine is that the quantity of viands are myraid and various. Chinese dishes emphasize the amount of the food because, this gives an auspicious perception for some conservative or traditional Chinese people. Thus, it is not suprising that there are numerous kinds of vituals on the dinning table and each dishes contain extremely large amount of food. Chinese people can choose and take whatever they like on the table accompanied with a bowl of rice. Unlike the European cuisine, which firstly have the antipesto, the main couse and finally the dessert, Chinese restaurant is more hasty and time-saving than these romantic and tranquil eateries.

    Browsing the history book about American cuisine, it is easy to find out the Fast-Food culture, which place a paramount role on most of the eateries in the United States. Seeing that the prosperity of the United States, of which people usually may not have sufficient time to have their meal amid onerous duties. Hence, the Fast-food eateries prevailed and flourished. French fries with ketcheup, hotdog served with mustard and the fried fish finger accompaned with the salad sauce are bound to be the masterpiece of the restaurant. For me, though I don't have a chance to taste the traditional fast food in the United State, I can enjoy them at the Macdonald and it is utterly delicious.


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