english poem 2

i hate myself 長度20行 內容 我數我自己 望望鏡子中的自己 i hate myself i hate myself食好多, 但係矮 i hate myself跑永遠5夠人快 ... i hate myself做做下功課去揾野食(5尊心) i hate myself溫書次次set目標 次次半途而廢 i hate myself人生冇目標 咩刀冇主見 i hate myself乜刀遲疑不決 i hate myself 成日講i don't know 結尾... 內容有晒轉英文 整到似詩就ok了 當然要比D rhyme la......

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  • LUI
    Lv 5
    1 十年前

    I hate my life and I want to die

    I'm totally useless, all i do is cry

    My body is riddled with emotional pain

    The past has come back to haunt me again

    My Dads voice taunts me, won't leave me alone

    I feel so scared but who am I to moan?

    It's my fault he is dead, it should have been me

    It's me who should be punished, can't you see?

    I was all he had and I wasn't there

    He probably died thinking I didn't care

    I really did love him but I was so afraid

    The memories of how he hurt me will never fade

    I wanted to trust him and believe he had changed

    But after the last time I saw him, I knew he was deranged

    Here I am today cutting my arm

    I need to bleed to make me feel calm

    The thought of death is so inviting

    I don't know how long I can keep on fighting

    Sometimes I just really need a cuddle

    Someone to help me to get out of this muddle