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F.4 business question~ URGENT!

There is a boom in property and the prices of the flats, especially in luxurious flats soar unexpectedly in these two years. It is said that the source of investment in property is mostly from Mainland China. Why do the wealthy mainland investors invest in the property field? Give 5 reasons.

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  • Jas
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    1 十年前


    Investors can get the immigration permit by investing over HK$6.5M in Hong Kong, so Mainland investors can buy a property and meet the immigration requirement It is tax free when the investors get profit by trading the property personallyInvestors are willing to invest in HK due to the simple taxation system in HK HK is a free market, investors can exit and enter the market freely some mainland investors cannot invest in China due to the unclear source of money, if they invest in HK, they can get rid of China Government's inspectionthe currency of RMB is increasing, the China investors find it is cheaper to buy property in Hong Kong DollarsHope it can help