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How to prevent a fire accident?

(100 ~ 140 ) words


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    Fit smoke alarms and make sure they have a BS kitemark. Test monthly and change batteries annually.

    chip-pan fires are the most frequent type of fire - take care and never leave the stove unattended.

    Always use a proper candleholder, and keep candles away from draughts, or anything flammable.

    Keep portable heaters away from furniture, furnishings and flammable items, and switch them off every time you leave the house.

    Buy a fixed fire guard to place around an open fire.

    Don't use a hot or sparking power tool, and don't leave a soldering iron, or any DIY equipment on and unattended.

    At night, before you go to bed, unplug all electrical items not in use.

    Always use correctly rated fuses in all electrical appliances.

    Avoid using multi-way plug socket adapters, if possible.

    Never run electrical cables/leads under carpets

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