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匿名 發問於 科學及數學其他 - 科學 · 10 年前


我向來對昆蟲有興趣! 我更愛養螞蟻, 甲蟲等!



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  • 匿名
    10 年前

    螞蟻 -----sweets,sweet food

    First you can get a tray and put some clay for the tunnels. Stand one clay on th edge of the tray. Then pour some plaster mix with water. Wait till its dry, and you'll see a complex of tunnels similar to an ant's nest when you tip the tray over. Put some sweets in the tunnels and put the tunels under a shelter. Ants may come.

    P.S.If you think it's a bad idea, you can buy some boxes from toy shops.

    甲蟲 -----juices from a tree,sweet jellies for beetles (buy it in beetle shops)

    Information of how to catch them

    蒼蠅 -----trash,rubbish

    Flys usually stick to light. They also like to go near rubbish bins with other animals (e.g.mice and cockroaches ). Dump some rubbish under the sun in open areas and they'll easily be attrached.

    蜜蜂 -----flower nectar

    To attrach them, you can plant beautiful flowers by a big tree (suitable for them to build a beehive).

    P.S.You may also attrach butterflies .

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  • 10 年前

    拿d 垃圾 味有昆蟲 重好多

    資料來源: 自己
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