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is recycling important to us?

is recycling important to us?how can we help? (200 words)

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    is recycling important to us?The main reasons why we should all recycle more are shown below: 1)Energy Saving 2)Material Conservation 3)Reduction Of Rubbish In Landfills 4)Helping The Environment Energy saving is important if we are to reduce the future effects of global warming.

    Conservation is becoming an increasingly important recycling issue.

    The reduction of landfills is important for cleaning up the environment, and giving land back to nature.

    We are able to help the environment by recycling in a number of ways. It is important that we recycle to achieve a reduction of not only existing landfills, but any future landfill developments which may be needed as a result of over capacity. We can also help the environment through conservation, as the reduction in deforestation saves the environment and the wildlife in these can we help?here is a list of useful tips you can use to recycle. 1)Many homes throughout the HK, and many other parts of the world now have recycling boxes and bins. It is sensible to make use of these, and take the time to fill them. If you don't have these boxes, you can easily purchase a suitable container for each recyclable product (e.g. paper, plastic, and glass), and then take these down to your local recycling centre. 2)Try to shop sensibly. Look for products which don't have much packaging to start with, and your halfway there. Did you know that in the HK, around $1 of every $11 spent on food items is the cost of the packaging? Also try to only purchase the items you will use to reduce the estimated 21 million shopping bags of food which end up in landfills each and every year.

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