Physics Question (10 point)

1. If the internal energy of X is higher than than of Y, the temperature of X must be higher that that of Y.

Comment the statement.

2. when the temperature of a body increases, its internal energy increases. Explain briefly in terns of the kinetic theory. Assume that the potential energy of particles remains unchanged when the temperature of a body increases.

5. explain why we feel cool when we eat ice cream in terns of 'heat'.

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  • 1 十年前

    1. This statement is not correct because the internal energy of a substance is also affected by the substance's mass, material and state, but not only its temperature. Therefore, the temperature of X may not be higher than that of Y.

    2. When the temperature of a body increases, the heat energy changes into kinetic energy of the molecules of the body. Since the molecules gain more kinetic energy and the body's internal energy is the energy stored in the body, the body's internal energy increases.

    3(5). When we eat cold ice cream, the heat in our stomach is larger than the heat in the ice cream. Therefore, there is heat loss from our stomach to the ice cream. Since our stomach becomes cool, our body becomes cool eventually.