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mitochondria有chemical reaction

點解 mitochondria involved in metabolic activity??

mitochondria 只係release energy, 都無chemcial reaction。

雖然repiration 係metabolic activity, 但係mitochondrion 只係for 「 releasing 」that energy. mitochondrion 都無any chemical reaction


is that mitochondrion needs chemcal reaction to break down something before releasing energy in the mitochondrion cells?

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    mitochondrion is for making and storing ATP(adnine triphosphate), which is a chemical with a high energy bonding.

    ATP is formed by ADP(adnine diphosphate) in the following reaction:

    ADP + phosphrate + energy(from breaking glucose, lipids, etc) → ATP

    When the cell needs energy, ATP is broken down into ADP, phosphrate and release the energy to the cell.

    The whole reaction is carried in the mitochondrion.

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    The breaking down of glucose, lipids is also carried out in the mitochondrion