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Preesa 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 10 年前

Help me check grammar

Please visit my website and help me to correct my grammatical mistakes.

Other than this, it's preferable to give comments on my use of the language. For exmaple, if I use 'I cried', it's better to help me change it into a better expression like 'my tears welled up'. Something like that. Thanks tons!

Note that if you're not an old hand, please don't do either.


1. 'I found the line from a signal and it’s just next to my old class'


更新 2:

2. learned (adj.) acquired by learning 有學問的

E.g. I made the enormous blunder of telling a very learned and famous man that he was wrong.

Hence, I think 'I have a learned and experienced English teacher' is correct.

更新 3:

3. I have not seen 'more worthy' before, and I have just checked the dictionary as the following. Please refer to it.

更新 4:

4. Yahoo 呢度佢係話加'from'得.咁我加得唔得?意思會否不同左?例如, 'think about', 'think for' and 'think of', 'think' 後用唔同的介詞意思都不同咁.

更新 5:

Thanks tons!

更新 6:

In supplement, isn't 'as your thoughts flows' bad? You mean my journal's not organized?

更新 7:

I once heard this : It looks like your writing flows well. So if you have strong points, you probably can write a very good essay for this topic'. It seems that 'your writing flows well' here is something good, maybe a compliment. So what does 'XX flows' mean?

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  • Jenkin
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    10 年前

    It may be too long to correct/rewrite everything from your diary.

    But if it is the thoughts that counts, I think your effort to write is good. Since you seems to read "English" authors and the Bible, they are good places for you to learn writing "style" and choice of words.

    Anyway, here are only a few "critical" errors:

    It’s okay on the whole. (as a whole)

    I woke up especially (especially不是這樣用的,當你講及三幾樣東西時才會說especially其中一樣,這處可用quite/very便可以了,深一點又跟你原意近一點的可以用particularly) early this morning, at 7am, because I’d appointed (apporinted錯的意思,這字是「任命」,不是appointment的約/預約解,用to meet已經可以) a friend, Miky.

    38-rountine bus -> route 38 bus

    started to be more nervous and anxious->became nervous and anxious

    I found the line from a signal and it’s just next to my old class

    完全唔知你在說甚麼是line from a signal

    I reached the terminal

    She’d ever taught 9A and 10A students.

    ever是錯的用法。我想你是想說她「曾經」教過的學生...。如果是想這樣講便要前兩句組合:The 9A and 10A students she had taught hve became doctors, lawyers, ...

    Great! I have a learned and experienced English teacher.

    learned是學來的東西,你的老師不會是「學來的東西」吧,應該是educated有學問/學養/學識 和 experineced有經驗。

    Chris Jesus - Christ Jesus 基督的Christ有t尾,男仔名字Chris冇t尾。

    I’d be regret. - I'd be regretful或I'd regret it.

    our school heading of administrative affairs

    HEAD of Adminsrative Affiairs


    正確的相對詞是more worthy

    The paragraph on Ch13 is perfect! Perhaps it is from the book!

    I made him feel that he was not important so that he did not like.

    so that用錯,你的意思是「因此」便用as a result/resulting that/therefore.

    I feel revolted from what he did!


    at my spare time


    As your thoughts flows, try to organize and focus on one subject at at time. The book report part is quite good after correcting the grammar and I am able to become interested in this book by your introduction.

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