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Currently my green card application has been filed to USCIS and now waiting for their reply. I would like to know once I have completed all the interviews and passed all health exams and granted a green card, how long is the the deadline period to land to US?

Once I landed to US, do I have to stay for at least 6 months? Am I able to move back to HK and how long I can stay outside US?

I am planning to go to US in Oct, I am puzzled that the officer will deny my entry at the border if they knew I am married to a US citizen but I haven't got a green card. I have no intention to stay in US, just to visit my husband there for 2 weeks, I will buy a return ticket and probably will ask for a employer letter to prove that I am returning to HK to work.

How shall I respond at the port of entry, should I tell them I am visiting my husband or just say visiting relatives? If they further ask, what shall I tell?


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    1. once you get the visa to go to America, you have about 6 months to prepare to go.2. you will not receive the green card yet. until the card proccessing center mail you the card few months later, after you landed.

    you do not need to stay any time in US before you go back HK, in your passport, that will be a stamp call --- i 50, with that you can use it as green card to re-enter US. you should not leave US with the green card statue to other country more than 360 days.

    3. ??? you mean you already have a visiting visa?? if so, you still can go to US for visiting. when the customs officer ask you what to do this time, just tell them you are here for traveling. because your green card application is in pending, nobody in the airport office will know the result yet.