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Book Report(non-fiction)[20點]急

book title:________



no.of pages:________

type of non-fiction:________

1.what is the book about:________

2.what have you learned from this book:________

write at least three interesting/surprising/disturbing facts you learned from it:_______

3.my favourite part of this book is:________


4.i would recommend this book to my classmates because:________

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    Book Title: Men, Women and Relationships

    Author: John Gray Ph.DPublisher: QuillNo. of Pages:310Type of non-fiction: Psychology1.What is this book about??

    This book talks about why men and women are so different. After explaining the reason in this, the author try to tell us how to solve the problem and suggest some ways for couples to understand more about their another half.

    2. What have you learn from this book??

    In the past, we used to think that men are women are physically different, but I do not think that we are such different. For instance, shopping is almost the favourite activity for most of the women since it is quite relaxing. However, it seems to be one of the most difficult job for men if shopping for nothing. Men are quite agressive. They will not shop if they have nothing to buy. That's why my dad hates walk in shopping malls buying nothing.

    Also, I think that this book reveals some of the charactersitics of men and women through different daily examples. For example, the author trys to tell us what to respond when men ask for advise or when women are trying to express their feelings. This is quite important since I think communication is essential for human. The right communication skill is also important if we wish to have a better relationship with our loved ones.

    3.Any favourite part of this book

    I love the cases shown in this book the most. Sometimes, authors will only try to tell you the theory or the reason behind why couples will have conflicts so often. However, in this book, the author will try to make you understand what he or she says by showing some cases happening around ourselves.

    4. Recommend

    I would recommend this book to my classmates since I think that in this world, there are only men and women. If we can try to understand deeper in men's or women's mind, we can have a better communication with them.

    Also, I think that this book it quite simple and interesting. I think that this book can surely attracts my classmates' attention.

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