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匿名 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 10 年前


我想問was is 幾時用


He is eat apple


he eat apple




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  • 10 年前

    He is eat apple

    Wrong , two verb can't 相連

    It should be :

    He eats apple . ( He = 第三身 , need to + ' s ' )



    He is eating apple .


    and ...

    was = << past tense >>

    He was in HK a week ago .一個星期前他在香港。

    and ...

    He is in HK .


    He was doing homework .


    2010-08-17 14:43:16 補充:

    was = is,am (you use " was " in past tense)

    were = are (you use " were " in past tense)

    he,she,it use" were/are "

    I,we,they,we use " was/is/am "

    you can use I was... when you are just saying something.

    you can use I were... when you are compare with something that is plural.

    2010-08-17 14:43:20 補充:

    for examples:

    I was a teacher before my aunt died.

    If I were them,I will run away.

    2010-08-17 14:43:32 補充:

    was/were 系is,am, are既Past Tense(过去式)

    I,she, he,it 用Was

    You, they,we用Were

    2010-08-17 14:43:42 補充:

    單數和用過去式, 就要用was. eg. i was a boy ten years ago.

    眾數和用過去式, 就要用were. eg.we were children ten years ago.

    但有例外, 在沒有可能的情況下, 單數也用were.

    eg. if i were you, i will buy it.

    2010-08-17 14:44:01 補充:

    were 係用o係2 or 以上


    | 應該用was唔係were

    2010-08-17 14:44:10 補充:

    2010-08-17 14:44:51 補充:

    is/am/are:是的解釋, e.g..

    I am a boy.(現在式黎的)

    I am playing.(現在進行式)

    He is swimming.(現在進行式)


    I was happy on that day.

    When I was doing homework, my teacher went into the classroom.

    When I was sleeping, my brother was crying.


    Was he happy on his birthday?...答時:Yes, he was.

    2010-08-17 14:45:28 補充:

    當別人的問句是were you, are you, what is等等,就用i am, i was等答他

    2010-08-17 14:45:35 補充:

    2010-08-17 14:46:21 補充:

    If it is past tense(過去式), then

    it funtions as (be),

    am/is - was

    are - were

    if you want to say (if ... ,....)



    If I were you, I will be give up.

    係呢個情況,無論你係用is/am/are 都係用were,因為你講緊d冇可能發生的事

    2010-08-17 14:46:46 補充:

    2010-08-17 14:47:34 補充:

    1) was 係verb-to-be 其中一款, 佢係is 的過去式。

    Past tense (過去式)

    e.g. She was very happy. 她很開心。

    Past Continuous tense (過去進行式)

    e.g. She was doing her homework when the door bell rang yesterday.

    昨日當門鈴響起的時候, 她正在做家課。

    2010-08-17 14:47:58 補充:

    補充: 幾時用 was

    另一個情況會用 was 係

    當 main verb (這裏係 punish) 係用於被動型式 (同時又係過去式), 而 subject 係 he , she 或 it 其中一款

    E.g. Last week, he WAS punished by his teacher

    2010-08-17 14:50:24 補充:

    "Was"almost is using on"past continues tense"or"express sentiments

    of variation"

    1)Past continues tense

    Vivian and I were doing homework together.

    2)Express sentiments of variation

    I was upset because my dog was death last night.

    2010-08-17 14:50:43 補充:

    Was is the past tense for am and is.

    If you want to say something using am or is in past tense , was will be the right verb.

    2010-08-17 14:50:53 補充:

    For example , if you want to say " He is very nervous " in past tense (過去式) , then you should use " he WAS very nervous " because you have to change " is " to " was " .

    Examples for was ,

    1. I was nervous .

    2. She was doing her exam.

    3. He was at my house.

    2010-08-17 14:51:27 補充:

    2010-08-17 14:54:29 補充:

    When was it published?


    It was published in 2000.

    WAS PUBLISHED 是it的被動詞,即是it是要被出版,它(一本書)不能自己出版自己。


    When did it published?意義上不成立因此沒有這種寫法的。

    2010-08-17 14:54:51 補充:

    2010-08-17 14:55:14 補充:

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  • simon
    Lv 6
    10 年前






    例如他食蘋果>he eats apple.就可以了。不用is.



    例如she is beautiful(形容詞).she is a student(名詞).


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  • 10 年前


    You should write in this way:

    He eats apple. OR He is eating apple.

    "Is" and "was" are used before and adjective.


    She is pretty.

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  • 10 年前

    He, she, it, these pronouns are third person singular pronouns, so verbs after them should be added the letter 's'.

    'Was' is the past tense of be, usually were put after 'he', 'she' and 'it'.

    For the sentence 'He is eat apple'. 'Eat' should change to 'eating' because it is an action happening now.

    For the sentence 'He eat apple.' According to the first rule, 'eat' should be added the letter 's'.

    資料來源: textbook, teacher
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