How do you deal with petty stealer?

Found some of my grocery items missing, yea.. it doesn't cost much e.g : 1 canned sardine, fresh milk drank half, mouth wash missing by a quarter of a bottle, soda drank etc etc..) I knew it is my new tenant. But what should I do?? Calling the police seem too much a trouble. Any advice pls??

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    "911, what's your emergency? A missing can of sardines you say? Hold the line. We'll be right there!"

    LOL, sorry.

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    you could do several things.

    i suggest you talk to the offender about his unacceptable behaviour. you could let the offender off without punishment if he gets the message.

    keep your precious belongings secure. your tenant's thievery, if it is indeed the tenant stealing, could escalate to taking more than just food.

    if the person seem untrustworthy, you could start planning ending the contract and find a replacement.

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    The thing here is to make a big trouble.

    You must say loudly: HEY, DID YOU PAY FOR THAT?

    He will feel embarrassed and probably won't come back.

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    i would address it to him and lock things up.