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櫻櫻' 發問於 教育及參考書教學 · 1 十年前


a]boutique b]market c]pharmacy d]bakery e]shoe shop f]bookshop g]sweet shop f]sweet shop g]camera shop h]fast food shop i]furniture shop

1]You can buy tomatoes in a____.

2]You can buy film____.

3]You can buy desks and chairs____.

4]You can buy fried chicken wings____.

5]You can buy boots____.

6]You can buy a pencil case____.

7]You can buy a blouse____.

8]You can buy bread____.

9]You can buy medicines____.

10]You can buy sweets____.

simple past tense or the past continuous tense

Yesterday(1)____(be) a happy day.The weather(2)____(be) fine and I(3)____(go) to the beach in Repulse Bay with my friends.The beach(4)____(be) crowded.Some peoele(5)____(swim) while some(6)____(play) with their children.At one o'clock in the afternoon,I(7)____(have) lunch while my friends(8)____(listen) to the radio.In the evening,we(9)____(pack) our things and(10)____(start) to go home.I(11)____(feel) so good that I(12)____(be) able to have a happy moment like this with my f'riends.

'since' or 'for'

1]My father has read the newspaper____forty-five minutes.

2]Ally has been typing the document____ten o'clock.

3]Daisy has learnt dancing____seven years.

4]They have been playing basketball____this morning.

5]paul has worked in Hong Kong____1990.

6]Ashley has lived in Quarry Bay_____2006.

2 個解答

  • 1 十年前

    1] You can buy tomatoes in a__market__.

    2] You can buy film__camera shop __.

    3] You can buy desks and chairs__furniture shop__.

    4] You can buy fried chicken wings_fast food shop ___.

    5] You can buy boots__shoe shop__.

    6] You can buy a pencil case___book shop_.

    7] You can buy a blouse_boutique___.

    8] You can buy bread__bakery__.

    9] You can buy medicines__pharmacy__.

    10] You can buy sweets__sweet shop__.

    Yesterday(1)_was___(be) a happy day.The weather(2)__was__(be) fine and I(3)_went___(go) to the beach in Repulse Bay with my friends.The beach(4)__was__(be) crowded.Some people(5)_were swimming___(swim) while some(6)__were playing__(play) with their children.At one o'clock in the afternoon,I(7)__was having__(have) lunch while my friends(8)_were listening___(listen) to the radio.In the evening,we(9)_packed___(pack) our things and(10)__started__(start) to go home.I(11)_felt___(feel) so good that I(12)_was___(be) able to have a happy moment like this with my f'riends.

    1] My father has read the newspaper_for___forty-five minutes.

    2] Ally has been typing the document__since__ten o'clock.

    3] Daisy has learnt dancing_for___seven years.

    4] They have been playing basketball_since___this morning.

    5] Paul has worked in Hong Kong___since_1990.

    6] Ashley has lived in Quarry Bay_since____2006.

    2010-08-13 23:42:19 補充:

    5. It can be "swam".

    7. It can be " had"

  • Part5(Q5,Q7)