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belong with me與 belong to you

belong with me與 belong to me有咩分別?

一向都只知有belong to,但美國歌手Taylor Swift有首歌叫you belong with me,點解唔係you belong to me?


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    belong with me是跟我在一起(伴侶)

    belong to me是屬於我的(東西)

    小心用法,如果你跟一個外國女仔話I want you to belong to me「我想把你據為己有」肯定被人家踢出門口,但如果你話I want you to belong with me「我想你跟我一起長相斯守」則是差不等於求愛啦。

    一個簡單的preposition係會南轅北轍的。英語中還有很多些phrasal verb係一個preposition便改變意思的,努力記住學習吧。

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    Belong to me: 屬於我的

    Belong with me: 和我在一起 (有一種親密, 承擔意義)

    "Belong to" denotes ownership; "Belong with" means that things should be together

    'You belong with me' suggests that destiny has thrown the two of you together, that you are a perfect match, made for each other like yin and yang. It's very romantic.

    Belong with somebody/something: 應該在某處, 通常在某處


    The hammer belongs with the rest of tools.

    The child belongs with (ie should live with and be cared for by) his mother.

    孩子應該和母親在一起 (應和母親一同生活, 以便得到照顧)

    資料來源: Oxford English Dictionary
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    Belong With

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    I do agree that every language evolves in many ways. But it's obvious that "oversea" is the mutated one and I'm so sure "oversea" is not chiefly used in British community, but the ESL one. You may consult any etymology dict to justify it

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    Belong with me:跟我在一起

    Belong to me:屬於我的