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匿名 發問於 政治及管治法律及道德 · 1 十年前

migrate to Australia-document

My application type is subclass 175.

My uncle in Australia sponsors my family to go.

In order to proof our relationship, I have to provide documents to show that my grandfather are father of both my uncle and my father.

However, there was no birth certificates for the proof but only an attest legal documents signed in Hong Kong for use in China for property selling covers some clues on such relationship.

Not sure whether DIAC will accept such document from solicitor firm or only documents from official governement bodies? I have checked HK Immigration, they said that no assistance could be provided on this subject. Please help.


I still have 3 years to wait for the visa, want to prepare as much as I can to enhance the successful rate.

1 個解答

  • 1 十年前

    First of all, are you sure you are applying for a 175 visa? Cos 175 visa is skill independent Visa. It does not require to have relative relation........Or do you mean 176 visa?

    According to DIAC guideline, only Official (Governmental Record) can be used as Primary Proof, all legal document (unless is awarded from Court) can only be used as Secondary Proof.

    There are only 4 documents DIAC will accept as a primary proof of relationship, as outlined in 176 visa applicantion eligibility pages

    Your relationship to your sponsor Documents which can demonstrate this include: birth certificates marriage certificates (for partner or in-law application)family registers school records. (for niece and nepthew application)It may also help if you include a family tree to show how you are related to your sponsor.

    Basically, you either can source the birth certificate or your family registers from any governmental agency (Chinese, HK or whatever) otherwise you cannot proof the relationship base on a piece of legal document or a sworn statement.

    Your document can mostly used as secondary proof to support either the birth certificate or the family register provided from you, it cannot be used alone in an application as principle proof of relationship.

    But don't worry, you have about 4 years (not 3, you wait for 3 but the process for offshore visa take 12-18 months alone) to find your birth certificate and/or family register.

    資料來源: wife used to work for DIAC