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匿名 發問於 政治及管治法律及道德 · 10 年前

migrate to Australia

I have submitted my application since Aug 2009. With regard to the ever

changing rules, would there be any impact to my application?

and how long it will take for the approval process.

My application type:

Class VE, subclass 176 Skilled - sponsored

(I have asked my agent to follow but no explicit answer so far.)

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  • 10 年前

    Well, if you lodged (past tense) the application on Aug 2009, the only thing affect you is the processing time and the application cap, nothing else, which mean you will need to wait for a LONG time to get your PR visa.

    Since you lodge your application on Aug 2009, which mean you are subject to the old list, so you may not like this news.

    According to the DIAC website (Click to check the reference) the priority of the old SOL list applicant are bumped into the last priority (lower than the same skill but lodge with new SOL)

    This apply to all applicant lodged their application BEFORE 1 July 2010. Which the last priority will have come with at least 3 years waiting period + the 18 months processing time, your scope of getting a new visa is settting at 2012-2013 That is before the cap come along.....

    The new migration minister cap apply to both class and skill, meaning if at 2012 or 2013 when your visa are suppose to be processing, BUT There are already over the cap for either your visa category (176 Visa) or your skill (Whatever skill you nominate) your application will not be process in that year. meaning your application could be well over 2013 depends on the cap of your skill and category.

    Right now, there are nothing you can do but wait, or you can try and find a job in Australia and have your employer to sponsor ENS/RENS for you and which will bump you to priority 1. Which will only take 6 months to 1 years to get a PR visas. Otherwise, you can only just wait.

    資料來源: wife used to work for DIAC...
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