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走佬俏公主1 的所有歌

走佬俏公主1 的所有歌

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    The Princess Diaries soundtrack


    July 24, 2001

    [edit]Track listing"Supergirl!" - Krystal"Little Bitty Pretty One" - Aaron Carter"Crush" - 3G's"Miss You More" - BBMak"What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful)" - Backstreet Boys"Miracles Happen" - Myra"Always Tomorrow" - Nobody's Angel"Away with the Summer Days" - Youngstown"Stupid Cupid" - Mandy Moore"Wake Up" - Hanson"Happy Go Lucky" - Steps"I Love Life" - Melissa Lefton"Ain't Nothing but a She Thing" - Lil' J & Nobody's Angel"Hold On" - B*Witched"The Journey" - MpulzBonus track"Heartbreak Lullaby (Ray Hedges Recall 7 Mix)"[2][edit]ScoreThe movie's score, composed and conducted by John Debney, was also released by Walt Disney Records.Main Titles (:56)Queen Clarisse (:53)Mia Invites Lilly To The Ball (1:08)The Princess Diaries Waltz (2:09)Mia's Makeover (1:08)Princess Lessons (:55)A New Mia (1:05)Mia Flees (:53)Sorry, Dad (:32)Lana, The Traitor (1:01)Mia Visits The Consulate (1:18)Scooter Talk (:58)I Don't Want To Be A Princess (:37)Father Talk (1:00)The Ball (:37)Meeting The Prime Minister (1:03)A Letter From The King (1:16)It's A Real Job (1:02)Mia's Decision (2:18)Learning To Walk (1:42)Mia Apologizes (:44)Can I Call You Joe? (:58)The Kiss (1:18)Harp Interlude (1:24)Princess Diaries Medley (3:25)