Chopin Ballade Vs La Campanell

I wanna practise one of these piece: Ballade no 1 by Chopin or La Campanella by Liszt, which one is easier to handel? Which one is techniqueily harder? Thanks a lot.

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  • 1 十年前

    As you know, both pieces are not easy ones. Technically, and to the extent of playing both piece fluently and competently, I would say La Companella is harder than Ballade No. 1.

    In common cases of pieces that are designed to display virtuosity, (just like La Companella) much of them are structurally not as demanding in deliberation as longer, thoughtful works like Chopin's Ballades, and all you need to do in the Liszt is to sound brilliant in small volume and groundbreaking in big volume. Unlike the Liszt, the Ballade require much more speculation on the structure and input of emotion, about doing the appropriate things at appropriate places, which can be something equally taxing.

    In terms of sheer technique, I can say that, one with less physical strength can do the Chopin while cannot do the Liszt. In La Companella there are dextere fingerworks and huge leaps and fast, loud octaves, those are technique. In the Ballade there are arpeggios and running notes, and most of all the Presto con fuoco part in the end. You need to know all these to evaluate yourself.

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