bios cannot detect cd rom

My windows xp used to be:

primary IDE Master: ATAPI Removable Media Device

Primary IDE slave: ST.... (my drive E)

My C drive is a SATA

Boot device:

1st : CD-Rom

2nd: SATA

Now Bios cannot detect IDE Master and IDE slave. I can enter windows but I cannot access my CD-rom and E drive.

Can anyone please help?


cd rom can open and close,but in My Computer, it shows only C Drive, no CD-Rom drive or my E drive.

P.S. My E drive should be primary IDE slave and it's an IDE hard disk.

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  • 1 十年前

    1st solution

    1.1 If CD-Rom n E drive are connected to a same IDE terminal, pls check the CD-Rom and E drive jumper (at rear panel).

    1.2 There should b 3 difference types for the jumper selection, Master, Slave and CS (Cable Select), pls set both CD-Rom n E drive jumper to CS.

    1.3 Re-boot the computer after jumper set.

    2nd solution

    2.1 If your computer board got 2 difference IDE terminals, connect CD-Rom n E drive on difference IDE terminal.

    2nd solution is more best because data transfer speed in E drive (eg. HDD) may faster than CD-Rom, if these 2 devices connect on same IDE, the data transfer speed will force on the slow one.

    Caution: Before u unplug the IDE cable, pls make sure the computer power socket was unplug (for safety, wait 3mins., then unplug the IDE cable).

  • 1 十年前

    Can you see your CD-ROM within the "BIOS" screen if not the CD-ROM might have problem try to open the case and reconnect all those cable with the ROM and see it work or not.

    If you still unable to see it after reconnect, you might need to get the new one replace it.

    Hope the information help!