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澳洲新PM Julia Gillard?

Julia Gillard真係做左第27任prime minister??

因咩事kevin rudd唔做喇~?




多謝你回答..不過"最緊要"果PART你答唔倒= ="

我EXAM緊就係唔想自己查先響度問ja ma ><

thx anyways~

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  • 1 十年前

    Julia Gillard真係做左第27任prime minister??

    因咩事kevin rudd唔做喇~?

    Yes, Juila Gillard is the 27th Prime Minister of Australia

    Basically most people believe the Mining Super Tax killed K. Rudd, but it was just the final nail of the coffin. K.Rudd were leading opposition leader a year ago up until the point when K Rudd annouced he will shelved the ETS (Emission Trading Scheme) Things go downhill for him.

    A news poll show before the ETS shelving, K.Rudd were at 58% leading opposition leader 39% supporting rate, after the ETS thing, K Rudd dropped 10 % support and officially overtaken by the Opposition leader Tony Abbotts.

    Not only that, further slip occur when the Insulation debaco unfold and a further drop of support from general public.

    Finall, in hope of the Mining super tax can steer population away from ETS and the stimulation money fiasco, it put the final nail on K. Rudd PM popularity withint the labour party.

    Funny to say, K.Rudd actually have bounced from less perferred PM back to perferred PM after the Mining Super tax, which indicated the tactic was working for K.Rudd. Still, wasn't enough to have their own party stab him in the back.



    This is a good question.

    Actually Citizens of Australia does not overthrown their PM, it's the labour party kick K.Rudd off his seat. His own party threaten to call an early election (Which at that point, K.Rudd is losing) or he have to resign and give Deputy PM (Juila Gillard) his job.

    K Rudd resign, without contest, and the Deputy fill in his post until the next election (this year)

    Australian Does not elect their own PM, they elect their own perferred party, and the party, inturn elect a head of party to become Prime Minister when the party is in power.

    You can choose which party you like or which candidate you like, but if you vote for that party, you will need to stick to the PM the party elected.

    資料來源: Proud Australian - We are one, but we are many
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  • 1 十年前

    Kevin Rudd係因為5月初計劃向礦業工人徵收利得稅, 工人撞火,搞到民望下跌;再加上佢推遲減排計劃。實情佢係比阿Gillard 要求佢走佬架。

    你上網睇番新聞, Kevin Rudd係含淚公開承認自己做錯左。




    2010-06-25 16:39:58 補充:

    電話做o既民意調查可以迫使Kevin Rudd落台!!!!

    資料來源: myself
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