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    Sham al-Naseem

    The people gather for outdoor picnics. Some people

    boat on the River Nile, and enjoy their picnics

    there. Everyone

    greets each other kindly, saying "al Salamu


    which means "Peace be with you."

    Moulid an-Nabi

    This festival includes parades in the city streets and lights, feasts, drummers and special sweets. It is a happy occasion shared with friends

    and family.


    Followers of the Islamic faith fast for the entire month, and there is no eating, drinking, or smoking from sunrise until sunset. Traditional music and entertainment is enjoyed throughout the nation.The end of Ramadan and the fasting is marked with a festival called Eid-al-Fitr and is celebrated with large feasts.

    Egyptian Christmas

    Christmas is celebrated on January 7th each year. The Christmas season marks a time of fasting and vegetarianism for the community, and no meat or milk is taken from November 25th to the night of January 6th. Churches and Christian homes are festooned with lights, Christmas trees and manger scenes in the week leading up to Christmas, On Christmas Eve, the 6th of January, celebrations in churches are held and the bells of the churches ring out. Christmas Day marks the end of fasting and picnics on the Nile are common places for celebrations. Children are given gifts, to buy toys or sweets such as ice cream or sugar cane juice.

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