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匿名 發問於 政治及管治法律及道德 · 1 十年前


我係一名註冊護士,有一年醫院工作經驗,年齡23歲,有大學學位,IELTS 6.5分(分別係6.5, 6.5, 6 & 6 ),另有一名兄長係澳洲公民,我申請移民澳洲的成功率大嗎﹖

如果我得到簽證去到澳洲,可以不從事護士的職業嗎﹖ 不從事護士會否影響居住4年後申請PR 的資格﹖



我應該找移民代理幫手嗎﹖ 收費大約多少呢﹖



如果我現在去澳洲讀一個master課程 ,可唔可以用此作為申請條件﹖

更新 2:


更新 3:

1) IELTS ALL SCORE 7 (平均7,但其中有6.5都唔得﹖)

2) 係唔係IELTS ALL SCORE 7 就可以直接用RN 資格申請PR﹖



3) 我想問澳洲大學的GPA係點計﹖MASTER OF PHARMACY 話要收5.5 out OF 7 GPA即係等於香港的幾多分,我間大學GPA滿分係4 分﹖

更新 4:

我哥哥係澳洲Citizen 係唔係對申請移民有加分﹖

更新 5:

係唔係就算IELTS all score 7 都要去到澳洲的nursing council 再考一個exam先可以get the license of registered nurse﹖請問難唔難考﹖

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  • 1 十年前

    IELTS 6.5分(分別係6.5, 6.5, 6 & 6 ),另有一名兄長係澳洲公民,我申請移民澳洲的成功率大嗎﹖

    I hope you are now in Australia and you have an Australian Degree that you get within 6 months, so you can apply for onshore application, otherwise, YOU HAVE NO CHANCE TO GET PR

    Read this

    This is the Australian Immigration Homepage and it's tellin' you that 176 Visa (Offshore Sponsored Visa application) are suspended

    And under speculation, that, Offshore application will not be bought back after July 1 Review. Due to fairness issue (Being Not fair to people who contribute to Australian Economy by studying in Australia)


    You can do whatever you want if you got Permanent Residence in Australia.

    不從事護士會否影響居住4年後申請PR 的資格﹖

    If you are on a sponsor visa, you need to work in your nominated Citiy with Nominated Skill to get your PR, in other word, if you apply for a regional sponsor visa and does not live and work in regional Australia, you will not get PR.

    Once you got PR, then you can do whatever the heck you want.


    You are T-3 (Sponsored with Critical Skill (Given you got all 7 in IELTS)) that mean your waiting period is 18 months or less.


    The All 7 IELTS is the requirment for all Professional Assessment Body, basically if you does not score all 7 in professional skill (Such as Doctor, Nurse, Phamarist, Lawyer and such) You will not pass the Skill Assessment and therefore you cannot apply for General Skill Miigration, nor will you be able to practice nursing in any State in Australia

    As i said before, unless you are in Australia, had graduated from an Australian University within 6 months, otherwise you cannot apply for Skill Migration as the Offshore Skill MIgration is currently Suspended.

    我應該找移民代理幫手嗎﹖ 收費大約多少呢﹖

    Hiring agent or not is up to you, it usuallycharge about 2000 AUD to 3000 AUD depend from case to case

    2010-06-22 00:31:27 補充:

    I personally don't think 457 is a good idea..

    On paper, 457 could lead to 856 or 857, but you missed 2 thigns.

    1.) The asker does not satisified the Licensing Authority for Nursing registration, Even if she have a All 7 IELTS, she may still need to pass Bridging Exam

    2010-06-22 00:31:57 補充:

    for not regonisable course or non-compliance result..

    2010-06-22 00:34:24 補充:

    2.) 457 have quota to leads to 856, by law, 856/7 need to give priority to 121 and whatever correspondent to 121 in regional visa. (Forgot the subclass)

    and as far as my knowledge goes, 121 is hotter (more visa holder and more satisifible) than 457 cos everyone can get 457 and work in Australia,

    2010-06-22 00:35:57 補充:

    skill or not.

    So, you may end up waiting for 4 years just to bridge to 856 or 857 instead of the 2 it said in the book. Well, depend on how many 121 and the other one'sapplication there are, and it will work no good on the Minister Cap later

    2010-06-22 00:37:53 補充:


    如果我現在去澳洲讀一個master課程 ,可唔可以用此作為申請條件﹖

    You CANNOT.

    read this :

    2010-06-22 00:39:05 補充:

    To qualified for Onshore migration, you must have 2 years study in Australia within 6 month before you apply for the GSM application.

    A master course only counted for 40 weeks (You need 92 weeks-2 years, fulltime, full load) ,so you cannot use a master to apply for GSM onshore.

    2010-06-22 00:41:53 補充:


    NO that is the Citizenship requirment, you are require to have lived in Australia for 4 years before you are eligible to take the Citizenship test

    2010-06-22 00:42:56 補充:

    PR application, on the other hand is run on a priority processing queue. The queue is run on 7 different tier of priority, range from 12 months to 3 years.

    The fastest is ENS/RENS and the slowest is Independent Skill migration

    2010-06-22 00:43:47 補充:

    there are about a 6 months gap between each category,

    2010-06-22 09:05:18 補充:

    Again, you cannot apply for GSM after you only got a master in Australia.

    1.) you will not have 15 points, you will only have 5 points for australian qualification (You need to have a degree in AUS to claim 15 points)

    then your point will be 30 + 60 + 15 + 5 = 110 (you will need 120 to pass the test)

    2010-06-22 09:10:08 補充:

    2.) The master course need to be at least 23 weeks per semester and last for 4 year. Currently, no coursework course would achieve that (most of them are 3x14 semester)

    Only research master can last that long.

    2010-06-22 09:10:44 補充:

    1) IELTS ALL SCORE 7 (平均7,但其中有6.5都唔得﹖)

    Not average, must be all 7. (4 papers, all 7)

    2010-06-22 09:14:10 補充:

    3) 我想問澳洲大學的GPA係點計﹖MASTER OF PHARMACY 話要收5.5 out OF 7 GPA即係等於香港的幾多分,我間大學GPA滿分係4 分﹖

    depend on school to school

    7 points system should be

    7- Higher Distinction

    6- Distinction

    5- Credit

    4- Pass

    1- Fail 1

    0- Fail 2

    So,a 5.5 on a 7 points system is appoximately a 2.6 in 4 points system

    2010-06-22 09:15:26 補充:

    2) 係唔係IELTS ALL SCORE 7 就可以直接用RN 資格申請PR﹖


    IELTS all 7 does not mean you can apply for Skill Migration Visa, this only mean you would pass the Skill Assessment and you can practices nursing in Australia

    2010-06-22 09:17:07 補充:

    Under the current situation, you cannot use your RN/Nursing Degree to get PR directly. as you cannot apply onshore now (You need an Australian Qualification) and you can only apply for 121/457 visa which is a temporary visa. All 8- class pr visa is currently unavailable to you at the moment

    2010-06-22 09:18:47 補充:

    我哥哥係澳洲Citizen 係唔係對申請移民有加分﹖

    No, but you can apply for a Sponsored visa, you still need to have a degree studied in Australia because the offshore sponsored visa (176 Visa) is now suspended.

    2010-06-22 09:19:42 補充:

    IF you can apply for an onshore Sponsored visa, the point you need is 100, not 120. That is, if he can sponsor you (he must have a job and paid tax in australia to be able to become a sponsor)

    2010-06-22 09:21:08 補充:

    係唔係就算IELTS all score 7 都要去到澳洲的nursing council 再考一個exam先可以get the license of registered nurse﹖請問難唔難考﹖

    There are chances you may need to take a placement test or finish a bridging course if you did not pass some subject, or if the course does not satisified the Assessing body.

    2010-06-22 09:21:36 補充:

    Since i don't know anything about your course, i cannot tell if you need to get 1.

    The passing rate, according to ANMC, is 56 % in thea year of 2009

    2010-06-24 15:56:00 補充:

    to John Q;

    A.) I NEVER said, AT ANY TIME, the asker should apply for 121 visa, i just tell him/her that 457 is not a good way to apply for it.

    2010-06-24 15:56:33 補充:

    Please don't jump to any conclusion i did not say. I KNOW YOU NEED TO HAVE WORKING EXPERIENCE TO OBTAIN A 121 VISA

    Well, anyone have Internet connection will know, just type 121 visa on DIAC webpage.

    2010-06-24 15:58:06 補充:

    B.) I am wrong about the master, I admit that, i only look at 2 pages of Cricos Course and jump to conclusion

    2010-06-24 16:00:00 補充:


    It should be 60 (Skills) + 5 (Master Qualification) + 15(IELTS) + 30 (Ages)


    Skill - No need to say

    master qualification - no need to say too.

    2010-06-24 16:00:53 補充:

    IELTS - Well, the asker only hav 6.5 (all 6 or above) so She would not get 25 points, don't mislead people that she have 25 points.

    2010-06-24 16:01:56 補充:



    What she said was. - 有一年醫院工作經驗

    2010-06-24 16:02:53 補充:


    Although she got a degree in HK, HK does not OFFICIALLY TAUGHT IN CHINESE (last time i check, HK's university conduct course in English)

    2010-06-24 16:03:37 補充:

    According to Australian Immigration Guideline

    2010-06-24 16:04:23 補充:

    Fluency in one of Australia's community languages as evidenced by a qualification (of equivalent standard to an Australian degree) gained from a university WHERE INSTRUCTION WAS IN ONE OF THE ABOVE LISTED LANGUAGE

    2010-06-24 16:05:16 補充:

    So, JohnQ, all due respect, You're wrong.

    And my wife is a MARA Licensed Agent and practice in Sweden, you want her number for you to verify

    2010-06-24 16:07:51 補充:

    And don't give me crap about what he/she need, i am not talking about what he or she need to pass the migration test, (Which is pointless as the point test itself will be end in 1 July.)

    It is what she Now have that's count. She is asking IF SHE Apply now, not when she get enough point

    2010-06-24 16:08:42 補充:

    well, or he.

    If he/she want to apply for when he or she have maximum point, s/he can do it too, cos s/he have 7 years to get maximum points. Or you want to have a go on that?

    2010-06-24 19:40:34 補充:

    Dude, i think you better do a Eyesight test...


    Read this-

    2010-06-24 19:40:53 補充:

    Sorry, typo, PASS not PAST.

    2010-06-24 19:43:43 補充:

    If s/he was to apply for a 856/857 Visa, only 885/886 require a positive Skill Migration Accessment Result.

    Read them please before even try to talk to me Or now you want to tell me s/he should apply for a 885/886, then you change side too quick....

    2010-06-24 19:47:01 補充:

    REMEMBER, she could apply for a 457 FOR A TOTALLY DIFFERENT JOB OTHER THAN NURSE (you can work as a wait person or flip burger in Macdonald for all i care) and use the 457 to bridge to 856,/857, if neceasary.

    2010-06-24 19:48:51 補充:

    About the community Language thing, i cannot respond to you as i don't know where you "Case" were from nor am i able to know is the "case" you said actually exist.

    2010-06-24 19:49:31 補充:

    I quote on what DIAC print on the Paper/Webpage and supplied reference for you tto find out. Hey, it's fine if you want to call me a liar. Then you are also saying the official DIAC webpage information is wrong then, you may want to notify the Department as well

    2010-06-24 19:51:09 補充:

    That being said, there is a way for a person who study English in University and get the point. That is, If they earn their degree in China, Japan or Taiwan or someplace not officially taught in English

    DIAC only care about where your degreeis from, not what your degree's for

    2010-06-24 19:52:36 補充:

    Hong Kong, on the other hand, was officially taught in English, so unless they changed it to Chinese in the past year. otherwise, well, i think, all due respect, you are wrong.

    2010-06-24 20:08:49 補充:

    One more thing, even if you really suggesting the asker to go for 885/886 after the master, the asker can go for skill other than nurse now can s/he. Not necessarily need all 7.0 IELTS to pass professional assessment now can s/he?

    So your answer just didn't make sense

    2010-06-25 09:08:56 補充:

    Wow John Q, do you even know what did you say?

    First, you said, and i quote, "if the asker does not score all 7 in IELTS, s/he cannot apply for skill migration."

    Well, this statement alone is wrong, no matter how you spin it.

    2010-06-25 09:10:10 補充:

    A.) The asker Does not need to apply for Nursing Master when s/he enrol, She can still apply for any GSM that listed in the Skill list that DO NOT Require all 7 to pass the skill assessment.

    2010-06-25 09:11:40 補充:

    B.) Under the current situation, unless s/he apply for 885/886 visa, S/he does not need to pass the skill requirment before s/he actually apply for GSM. Either 121/856 or 121/857, both of them does not require the applicant to pass the Skill Assessment.

    2010-06-25 09:13:09 補充:

    C.) There are no option for the asker to apply for any GSM as is, the asker MUST study in Australia to get onshore application as offshore application is currently suspended.

    2010-06-25 09:14:22 補充:

    And the truth is, when you ask "How did you know would 856/857 don't need to have Positive Skill Assessment before application" only entrenched my thought that YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT SKILL MIGRATION

    2010-06-25 09:16:37 補充:

    The reason why 856/857 do not require a skill assessment first to apply is simple, The requirment were not written on the Skill Migration law. Itdoes not before, and will not need now.

    2010-06-25 09:18:20 補充:

    All GSM application does not require Skill Assessment Result before, and now they changed it so the applicant of 885, 886 and 487 require a positive Skill Assessment before the applicaiton made.

    Use you logic man, did they change the 856 or 857if they did not mention they have changed it?

    2010-06-25 09:20:28 補充:

    Dude, how can you provide migration advice (Which is illegal by the way, if you are in Australia, without MARA Agent license) and does not read or believe the word in DIAC webpage??

    I mean, who would have done that?

    2010-06-25 09:21:32 補充:

    by the way, if you have o agrue with someone, please quote your reference to your point, i quote all of mine from reliable source, the only thing you said that ever come close to proofing reference is YOU READ SOME CASE SOMEWHERE, dude, how do i even know if *Those* cases exist?

    2010-06-25 09:23:15 補充:

    That you are basing your word on thin air? If you cannot show reference, it is just you making a noise, not necessarily believable.

    I quote all of my point and where it related to the Immigration law via DIAC website, please do the same.

    2010-06-25 09:26:57 補充:

    Dude, if you have gone to college, you should know something about referencing in Academic Writing, zIf you did not quoteyour reference, then you can say whatever you want but general public should not believe it.

    2010-06-25 09:28:26 補充:

    i made my point, please make yours.

    2010-06-25 20:49:24 補充:

    Lol Comment all over the place (Sugn of answer falling apart), i can no longer answer them in a whole, so i will answer one by one

    Comment 72:

    2010-06-25 20:49:56 補充:

    Show that you only need to show the IELTS result in GSM applcation before application FINALISED, not when you apply

    Quote: Applicants for the following GSM subclasses have until the time of decision to provide evidence

    2010-06-25 20:52:04 補充:

    Sorry that was to message 063

    To 064-066 : Again, i did not say 121 does not require 3 years working experience. And yes, if Macdonald Australia want to hire you to flip burger, you can still apply for 457 Visa.

    2010-06-25 20:52:53 補充:

    You only need a Company sponsorship to sponsor 457, i have seen many small restaurant uses 457 to sponsor waiter/waitress, i am sure Macdonald, bigger than that by a mile can do it.

    2010-06-25 20:55:13 補充:

    Message 066 : There are about 200 skill avaliable for her to apply for GSM onshore (Which s/he must study a master anyway inorder to apply GSM, this is the main point), asker does not need to Focus on nursing. If you fail to see that, then.....Well, i don't know.

    2010-06-25 20:57:14 補充:

    068-070 :

    Well, don't come to me and talk about Special Case or Merit Case, it is not an normal giving circumstance, any responsobile agent would tell you NOT TO COUNT on immigration official special descretion.

    2010-06-25 20:58:06 補充:

    I simply say the Community Language thing is the department policy, i cannot or will not spectulate wether individual will grant you the point under special consideration, i only advice on the suitation under normal situation.

    2010-06-25 20:59:51 補充:


    Again, i cannot comment on EVERYCASE, there will be discretion even if what you said is true, i think this is on the common knowledge.

    Under normal situation, a person who got a degree in HK could not get 5 point s for Community languge, this is the law.

    2010-06-25 21:02:13 補充:


    again, i never said 457 is not a method to get PR, i only said I WILL NOT RECOMMEND on 457, i would go for study in Australia -> 885/886.

    I still think 457 is a bad idea

    Please read my word carefully.

    2010-06-25 21:04:32 補充:



    there are only 2 way IELTS can affect an application that is during assessment and IELTS, as i mentioned, both are not require when you apply for GSM

    2010-06-25 21:06:21 補充:


    Dude, I agree becaseu when i asnwer my question I WAS IN FAVOUR of studying in Australia -> 885/886 and based on if the asker want to apply via nursing skill.

    It is you who bought up the 457, not me.

    2010-06-25 21:09:06 補充:

    Dude, you should get your eyes check.

    I have always suggested apply via 885/886 regadless if the asker need to apply via Nurse or not, it is you who said s/he should apply thru 457.

    2010-06-25 21:09:13 補充:

    That's ok, 457 is an option, never denialed that, I said you were wrong not because 457 is not an option, but your understanding toward 457 is absolutely wrong. And the point test is wrong too (but that is a subsequent story)

    2010-06-25 21:13:04 補充:

    Dude, let's recap shall we?

    I said 25 point for the IELTS because I assumed that she would get 7 when she apply for PR.

    - Dude, you should not advice someone on the basis of s/he SHOULD achieve certain task, WHAT IF s.he doesn't?

    2010-06-25 21:16:56 補充:

    [036] Otherwise she would not even be able to apply, I already explained for that

    Wrong, 457 visa is open to any job (Skill or Not), if your intention is for the asker to apply for 457, you should not said that cos only simply YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAST SKILL TEST IF THE ASKER APPLY FOR 457.

    2010-06-25 21:20:37 補充:

    Only if s/he want to work as a nurse using 457, then she need to pass IELTS. If she was to work as a retail clerk, she does not need IELTS to apply for 457.

    well, if your answer is advising the asker to take 885/886 road, i would have shutted up long time ago already, well, but you didn't

    2010-06-25 21:22:32 補充:

    Dude, then you go on and ask stupid question

    such as - It does not mean 856 or 857 does not require skill assessment. &I don't really see where they say people don't need an IELTS whey they apply for visa

    I was laughing so hard.....

    2010-06-25 21:26:13 補充:

    My answer is my answer, my suggestion is only saying 457 is not a goodway to applyfor Skill migration and then you charm in with your comment and the rest of my suggestion were now becoming how you were wrong on your view.

    2010-06-25 21:27:20 補充:

    And in the end, I YET have seen any official wepage or article linkage.

    If you go to an immigration officer would like like him/her to point out step by step and referencing the department policy by quoting what DIAC write on their page and apporiate law? or

    2010-06-25 21:28:47 補充:

    You want to go into an office where that dude start talking and send you home without showing you anything in support of his word? otherthan i heard from my friend or i read some case somewhere?

    Your choice.

    Just a reminder, there are only 3 message left, be wise to use them.

    資料來源: My wife used to work for DIAC and now an immigration lawyer
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