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Shanghai EXPO

Do you want to go to EXPO in Shanghai ?Why?

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  • Ka Ho
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    1 十年前

    Good morning. It is indeed my pleasure to join you for this Conference today. A very warm welcome to Hong Kong, and especially to our first-time visitors from Shanghai and from New York.

    Following the success of the first Vertical Density Conference in New York in 2008, this event provides another platform for exchanging ideas among the world's largest vertical cities. It is also a very fitting prelude to the grand event to be held later this year - the 2010 Shanghai World Expo with the theme "Better City, Better Life".

    I am delighted that this Conference is focusing on one of the most important aspects of high quality city living, our public spaces.

    Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of visiting New York and experiencing the dynamism and vibrancy of the Big Apple. I am also in regular touch with our World Expo counterparts in Shanghai as we gear up for participation in the Shanghai Expo.

    In New York, Shanghai and Hong Kong, there is growing emphasis on our open spaces and how to make the best use of them.

    Here in Hong Kong, about 46 per cent of the land is country parks, or protected space. Less than a quarter of Hong Kong is regarded as "built up". That's partly because the rocky terrain that makes construction difficult and expensive, but it also in some way reflects our love of nature.

    Despite the limited land supply, our population has soared from four million in the 1970s to seven million today. And our census and statistics projects that by 2036, we will reach 8.6 million people.

    To cope with the population growth, our planners, architects and engineers have been looking for new - and often higher - solutions.

    At the same time, there is increasing environmental awareness and growing demand for high-quality living and more balanced development. This covers not only cleaner air and water, but also better recycling facilities and waste disposal facilities. It is also about preserving our built heritage and enhancing the character of our city.

  • 1 十年前

    I wanrt to go to Shanghai Expo, because there have many beautiful museums and yummy food.Although Shanghai Expo is very good, I think the weather is really hot in Shanghai, so I think I won't go to Shanghai Expo.