What does it mean by "perfect" tense?

Why is present/past perfect tense called perfect tense? I couldn't relate the meaning of "perfect" to the tense in grammar, can someone tell me how it got its name?

Thanks :)

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    1 十年前

    Its from the Latin verb perficio (finish), the past participle of which is perfectus ('having been finished'). Thus the perfect tense represents an action that has been completed.

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    It refers to completed action (perfected) and used alone to the present perfect: I have seen

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    from the grammatically point of view, perfect refers to an ended action.

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    It's just used to differentiate between the more complicated tenses in English.

    By "perfect" it means that it's simple, no complications.

    Take for example the "past perfect (more like simple past)": I ate. <---- less complicated, "simple", "perfect"

    Now compare it to the "past perfect simple": I had eaten. <---- more complicated, not just "simple" or "perfect"