iPod Touch iOS4問題

我部iPod touch係2G 8GB,3.13完美破解左,請問可唔可以update做OS4?

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    Based on my knowledge the iPhone 2G has the chance to run the IOS4, this beacuse the iPhone 3G have the same spec as the 2G had. The tech-web already explained only JB phone can use Full-function (IOS4) on iPhone 3G (incl. multi-tasking and wallpaper). Therefore, there shouldn't be any problem for 2G! Some website argue it might be the ARM processor and ram capacity affect the preformance which I don't believe.

    Trust me, you could update it. But won't be following the official way only. Somehow the reality is you have the 2G transmitter and heat expending problem! Poor thing!

    At lease you can update the lastest version but is useless. I'm sure of it.

    P.S. I have misread you question! A remainder for you, the iPod touch 2G and iPhone 3G have the same spec. It has no differences. Except the heat problem, I guess.

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    Check this out:


    My theory is correct!

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    OS4的device得iphone 4G