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我下星期面工,以下係我諗嘅英文介紹,希望各位幫手睇下有無問題. THS!

Good morning, sir.

Thank you for giving me a chance to interview and introduce myself.

My name is XXX and I'm XX years old. I'm married and I have a 4 years old child.

I'm interested in Vollyball and Singing and I love gethering with friends.

I'm working in XXX company as Operation clerk for 3 years , it's mainly handle

air import and transhipment duties such as prepairing documents, data input,

contact with multi-parties such as Airlines, overseas agents and customers,

answering telephone inquires and tradlink.

During these years, I gain the experience on communication and organization


I hope these valuable experience would achive this carrier and I also ready to

learn more and improve myself.

Finally, thank you again and have a nice day!

另外, 想問若果人地問我點解唔做之前份工, 我應該點答(用英文) ??


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    1 十年前

    Good morning, sir.

    Thank you for giving me a chance for an interview, so that I can explain my qualifications more thoroughly.

    My name is XXX and I'm XX years old. I'm married and I have a 4 years old child.

    I'm interested in a variety of activities including volleyball, singing and gathering with friends.

    I worked in XXX company as an Operations clerk for 3 years , my main duties included import and export transactions, prepared documents, data entry, act as a liaison between Airline, overseas agent and customers. I also handled answering phone inquiries. In that way, I gained more experience in communication and organizational skills.

    I hope my valuable experiences would be an asset to your company, and I look forward to working with you.

    Should you have further questions, please contact me at xxxx-xxxx.

    Don’t tell your potential employer about your real reason for leaving the previous company. Just tell him that you would like to change your working environment.

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  • 1 十年前

    Hope this help:

    Good morning, Mr./Miss XXX,.

    Thank you very much for seeing me.

    My name is XXX, I'm married with a 4 years old child.

    I have been working in XXX company as an Operation Clerk for 3 years, (**) mainly handle air import and transhipment, duties include contacting airlines, overseas agents, customers on shipments' follow-ups and follow-throughs; answering phone inquiries; preparing various formalities and shipping documents, data input, also reporting to Customs via trade-link.

    During these years, I gained a lot of hand-on experience of freight forwarding operation, people communication technique and work organizing skills.

    I hope my solid experience meets your requirements, and I have confidence I am ready to face new challenges and further improve myself.

    Thank you!


    see my notes to you in next msg (word limited).

    2010-05-29 06:28:05 補充:

    (**): add "I speak fluent English and Putonghua" if you are.

    Cut age/hobbies. Get answers for why you leave (self-improvement; better career prospects; stable working environment), how's your kid if you need to work over-time etc.

    Say the "have a nice day!" when you leave the room.

    Good Luck

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