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唔該幫我翻譯成英文 (唔好“在線翻譯”)Thx...

1.這是我們公司的平面圖,我們設計的都是以獨立房間的形式,包括有:辦公室、化妝間、攝影棚、活動室、廚房、洗手間和 2間referencen room




4.我們公司的出發度都是為每一位顧客著想。可能有些顧客一心忙著工作,而忽略了自己的外形打扮。所以提供的dressing room 轉為顧客設計亮麗的外表。而吸引更多人的注目。


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  • 1 十年前

    1. This is our company's plans, we are all designed in the form of a separate room, including: office, dressing room, studio, activity rooms, kitchen, bathroom and referencen rooms

    2. Our staff to provide a comfortable working environment where staff can work more actively degree for the company. Because the relationship between the company and the staff is also very important.

    3. Customers can according to their needs, the company's studio in our personal photo shoot, or match the success of our men and women can take commemorative photos.

    We will provide a range of clothing options to customers.

    4. Our company is the starting degree of sake to every customer. Some customers may be busy with work as one, while ignoring their own dress form. Therefore, the dressing room to offer customers design and beautiful appearance. To attract more people's attention.

    5. We provide two reception room, catering to customers, customers who may wish to look for partners in our company, familiar with our marriage laws, business knowledge to talk to staff individually.