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呀月 發問於 科學及數學生物學 · 1 十年前

胚胎幹細胞embryonic stem cell的資料和評論

如題 : 我希望要一些關於

胚胎幹細胞 embryonic stem cell 的資料,評論和爭論

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你好呢! Benjamin



你給了我 embryonic stem cells 的介紹和功用,你還能幫我搜尋一些評論和爭論嗎?


Thank you for your active participation!!!! :)))))))

更新 2:


通識的其中一個單元是 public health ,

其中一個課題是 stem cells.




更新 3:

在學校的課堂中,有談論到 embryonic stem cells 的爭論,

例如有人認為 embryonic stem cells 可以造福人類,因其可 ‘’複製’’ 出器官。

又有人認為embryonic stem cells 有違道德,因為他們認為這等於殺了一個生命, since 人類不把 embryonic stem cells複製成器官的話,一個嬰兒將會出世。




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  • 1 十年前

    I think stem in greek (or latin) means origin, in plant, the flowers are originated from the "stem", in animal, stem cell mean the original cells! i.e. everything derive from this "stem"!

    When fertilization take place a sperm and ovum join together and form a new cell. This is call a zygotes, or stem cell, or embryonic stem cell.

    These cell will divide and eventually form the corresponding full grown animal.

    when we are dealing with human ESC, each of these ESC could develop to human.

    From this point most of what I said are speculation...

    these ESC will divided into a cluster of cell and eventually specialize differentiation will take place where specific organ will develop.

    e.g some of ESC will develop to hematopoietic stem cell, when it will further develops our blood/circulation system, the immune system and so on.

    Also, ESC will develop to mesenchymal stem cell and it will further develop to form the structure and organ of the body.

    As you can see, each ESC have the potential to develop into a human being, when we are dealing with ESC, it mean we are dealing with a potential human being, and here is the moral issue, that we have no right to play/conduct experiment upon human being, and it is forbidden to do so.

    2010-05-27 18:42:44 補充:

    well, english is a lot easier for me.

    this is my knowledge, I get bit and piece from here and there, wiki is a good source, but usually it is long and windy.

    2010-05-27 18:43:26 補充:

    here is a good source for news in stem cell, I remember they have some link regarding ESC a few days ago, I think they have an internal search, may be you can start from there.

    What kind of 評論和爭論? there are too many regarding stem cell..