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在中世紀時期,彈撥樂器便開始出現在歐洲,印證著現代結他發展的開端。到了十三世紀,西班牙已經有兩種結他存在著。當時的結他,大多數以四絃為基礎。直至十六世紀,西班牙人 Vicente spinel (1550 - 1624 )在四弦結他基礎上再加上一條弦,在表演中震撼了整個意大利音樂界,因此人們專稱五弦結他為西班牙結他。十七世紀,結他開始在西班牙和意大利盛行。十八世紀時,西班牙人 Miguel Garcia 又在五弦結他基礎上加上一弦,確立了現代六弦結他,當時,結他已經在歐洲盛行。在1882年,Antonio de Torres 這一柄結他用了 65cm 的結他絃長度,至今,所有結他仍以這長度作標準。踏入了二十世紀,結他簡直已經在全球盛行,更與鋼琴和小提琴並稱為世界三大樂器,成為最流行的樂器之一。

到了1935年,由 Gibson 所製的第一支電結他,更印證著結他發展的一個轉戾點。電結他所發出的變幻無窮的音色,成為現今搖滾樂及流行曲必耍的樂器之一。

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    Plucked instruments were appeared in the middle age of Europe and as the threshold of the development of guitar. In the 13th century, there had been two kinds of guitar in Spain and those were based on the composition of four chords. Until 16th Century, Vicente spinel, a Spanish, did a astonishing achievement who added one more chord on the original guitar. Such that, it was heralded as the Spanish Guitar due to the revolutionary change in the musical sector. The fashion of playing guitar began in the 17th century and one more chord was again added on the five-chord-guitar, which is the initial configuration of modern guitar we see now, in the next century and guitar had prevailed over the whole Europe ever meanwhile. In1882, Antonio de Torres had the chord length of 65cm and which has become the standard of all guitar nowadays. Lastly, the prevalence of guitar has become the fashion in the world in the 20 century and crammed itself into one of the greatest instrument ever--together with the piano and violin.

    In 1935,the first electronic guitar was created by Gibson and which branched a new development in the guitar history. The numerous and fascinating tones that is made by a guitar have become one of the most vital part in rock & roll and pop songs.

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  • 10 年 前

    In the Middle Ages, plucked instruments began to appear in Europe, confirmed the beginning of the development of modern guitar. To the 13 century, Spain had been there two guitar. Guitar at the time, most of the basis of four strings. Until the sixteenth century, Spanish Vicente spinel (1550 - 1624) in the four-string guitar together on the basis of a string, in performance shocked the entire Italian music, so people said Wu Xian guitar specifically for the Spanish guitar. The seventeenth century, the guitar began to prevail in Spain and Italy. The eighteenth century, the Spaniards Miguel Garcia again Wuxian basis with a guitar string, the establishment of a modern six-string guitar, when the guitar has been popular in Europe. In 1882, Antonio de Torres guitar that edged guitar with a 65cm string length, so far, all the guitar is still the length as the standard. The beginning of the twentieth century, the guitar simply has prevailed in the world, even with the piano and violin, known as the world's three instruments, as one of the most popular musical instrument.

    By 1935, the system by the first Gibson electric guitar, the guitar also confirmed the development of a turning point. Issued by electric guitar sound is constantly changing, as modern rock and pop music will be playing of musical instruments.

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