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  • 1 十年前

    It depends on what hearworm(心思蟲) drug your dog was on previously.

    If on heartguard (commonly used in HK) the drug is suppose to be a monthly prophylaxis for heartworm. With a one week delay and being spring/summer in HK, the risk is wether your dog had been out or is likely to have contact with mosquitos. This is because hearworm are pass from dog to dog by mosquito bite. If the chance of being bitten within this week is low, you may consider giving your dog heartguard as soon as possible.

    But if your dog have high chances of in contact with mosquito, it would be better to have your dog tested. Because if your dog is already infected and you give your dog the drug without removing the microfilariae, the microfilariae killed by the drug will cause immue response and could lead to heart failure which can be very severe or fatal. However, you will not be able to confirm infection now anyway as the worm can't be detected at this stage. The textbook practice is to wait for ~6month so the microfilariae had grown into adult and start producing microfilariae in blood (the presence of microfilariae is one of the diagnostic method for heartworm)

    I had the same problem when I had my first dog and I gave it heartguard drug because she mostly stay indoor( we're quite sure she wont be bitten) and she was fine. But really it is a gamble and you bear the risk if you dont have your dog tested.

    資料來源: a vet student who just did a parasitology exam today
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