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游威 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 1 十年前

很急~請英文高手幫幫忙,拜託! (中翻英)





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    1 十年前

    When I was young, my favorite thing to do was to play video games with my father and little brother. No matter it’s Super Mary or Warm-blooded high school, the beginning or the ending always have round and small words. I asked my father what it was, he told me that those were the words about a place called “ Japan .” I didn’t know what’s meant by Japan , not to mention how to understand those characters. I always giggled when I saw the Japanese subtitles when I finished playing the games. I had an strong interest in Japanese despite the fact that I had no idea what those words were at that time.

    Moreover, the distance between Japan and Taiwan are very close. It piqued my curiosity when I see the sightseeing points of Japan in TV, e.g. the natural scenery of sakura, the carpet-like flowers exhibition.

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    1 十年前





    Childhood I most like make matter exactly with younger brother and father together beat dynamoelectric, Don'ts care is super mali or warm blood lycee, His titles or finality always be have some roundly very small odd words, I ask father that is what, He tells I that is a call " Japan " Place word, I do not know what call " Japan " , Much not knows why can have those word, But I general at playing pass a barrier behind to Japan word and picture giggle on screen, Though at that moment I not understand those word, But but make I to Japanese be full of interest.

    Besides, Japan and Taiwanese distance corresponding near, Much adds often introduce Japan many sightsee resort on television, For example: Snowflake cherry blossom wonderful view, Carpet like flower exhibition …, Will all make I xiang for very.

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  • 1 十年前

    Was my favorite thing with my brother and dad together playing video, whether it be super Marley or blood University, his title, or the end of the round will always be a little strange characters, I asked my Dad what, he told me it was a place called "Japan" of the word, I don't know what "Japan", do not understand why those words, but I always game after clearance on a screen of Japanese words and pictures you giggle, although I do not understand those words, but it made me interested in Japanese. In addition, Japan and Taiwan distance considerable near, more often on television on Japan's many tourist attractions, such as: snowflake-like cherry blossoms and carpet-like flower fair, makes me years.

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