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  • Yogi
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    1 十年前

    你好 ~~~


    Stephen Hawking devotes himself to studying the theory of physics. He is praised as one of the most outstanding scientists nowadays. Although everybody thinks he is unfortunate, he gets success in Science after he got the disease. His resolute will fought back the disease and created a miracle. He has also proved that disability is not the obstacle of success. His passion for life and the devotion of studying Science is worth learning by this young generation.


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  • 匿名
    1 十年前

    Stephen Hawking had devoted his whole life in researching physics theories. He is famed as one of the most outstanding scientists currently. Although the public viewed him as very unfortunate, his success in the sciences had been obtained after he got sick. He fight against his disease successfully by using his continuing determination. He had created a miracle, and proved that physically handicapped would not be an obstacle to the road of success. His passion for life and scientific research is worthwhile for the younger generation to learn.

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  • 匿名
    1 十年前

    Hawking lifetime contribution to research in theoretical physics, known as one of today's most distinguished scientists. Although we all think he is very unfortunate, but he's achievement in science is at the onset of the disease after he received. With his perseverance will overcome the disease, a miracle, has proved that disability is not a barrier to success. His love of life and enthusiasm for scientific research, is worthy of the younger generation to learn

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