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Can we infer ought-propositions from is-propositions?


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    Bayesian inference is statistical inference in which evidence or observations are used to update or to newly infer what is known about underlying parameters or hypotheses. The name "Bayesian" comes from the use of Bayes' theorem in the updating process. Bayes' theorem was introduced by Reverend Thomas Bayes.

    * " As to your question, the plain inference is that Senator Obama doesn't take contributions from federal lobbyist and that Senator Clinton does. " —Hillary: Obama Was "Part Time" State Senator

    * This is a plain inference from the passage just cited. —John Knox and the Reformation

    * " The plain inference is that he feared somebody or something. " —The Red Triangle Being Some Further Chronicles of Martin Hewitt, Investigator

    * " From what has been said the plain inference is that your Majesty, who is king of both realms, ought to order that the trade be so conducted that what is gained by one be not lost by the other. " —The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898 — Volume 18 of 55 1617-1620 Explorations by Early Navigators, Descriptions of the Islands and Their Peoples, Their History and Records of the Catholic Missions, as Related in Contemporaneous Books and Manuscripts, Showing the Political, Economic, Commercial and Religious Conditions of Those Islands from Their Earliest Relations with European Nations to the Close of the Nineteenth Century

    * " The plain inference is that the servant's power of remission is exercised by preaching the Master's death of expiation. " —Expositions of Holy Scripture St. Luke