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英文介紹上海世博,thank you!!



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    Ans:The denotational main body of Chinese Shanghai World's Fair in 2010 volunteer is composed of the Chinese character "heart" , English letter "V" , mouth rank olive branch flight dove of peace.

    The "world" achieves the same goal with different means with World's Fair emblem, while displaying Chinese culture individuality, the use "heart" and the hot "heart" having expressed a volunteer.

    "V" has been English "Volunteer" initial , has set forth group represented by sign , has given it's limpid import to; The dove of peace flying represents Shanghai , can't symbolize friendly affection peaceful, the olive branch is implied meaning sustainable development and hope, Smriti "city, dodge the finer " World's Fair subject living. The color as rainbow , the colour bar whirling about in the wind, are enthusiastic calling of Shanghai. J-oo-z-one-com.

    We believe in , the people who comes from world everywhere under volunteer's effort in 2010,assembles harmonious field under the same the movie sky .


    Hope that I can help you~

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