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shark skin

shark skin 's product( at least 5 example)

why we use shark skin?

which type of shark skin is the best?

why they are in good quairty?

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    1) Shark skin wallet

    2) Shark skin bags

    3) Shark skin cigar case

    4) Shark skin gun holsters

    5) Shark skin belts

    6) Shark skin key holders

    Why we use Shark skin?

    - Because it has an unusually rough and granular surface, and is sometimes used as a fancy leather for book bindings, pocketbooks and small cases, as well as its more utilitarian uses in the hilts and scabbards of swords and daggers, where slipperiness is a disadvantage.

    Which type of shark skin is the best?

    - dunno sorry

    why they are in good quality?

    - same as question 2