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Guardian in U.K.

My daughter is to be attending Yr. 9 Malvern St. James in Sept 2010. Which

Guardian agent service and guardianship fees are better and reasonable in U.K.

1) Whitehouse Guardian

2) Pippa's Guardians

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    shueyan1986 gave you very good advice. When a young child (I guess your daughter is 14 to 15 years old) go abroad alone, she will feel helpless in particular during the first few months unless she has a very outgoing character. A good guardian who is living near the school will definitely offer great assistance to your daughter. Although the guardian fee is not cheap, it will not add too much to the high boarding fee of almost 9,000 pounds per term. It is therefore worthwhile to paythe money.

    You can ask the guardian agent to find a guardian living near the school, say within 10 km radius (don't expect that the guardian will live next to the school as UK is not so crowded as in Hong Kong.

    As China is rising, you should also advise your daughter to write diary or letter to you in Chinese such that she will not forget the Chinese usage.

    If you need further information, please feel free to send a message to me.

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