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哲人講過 人 必需有夢想 生命先至有意義 我嘅夢想一直係度改變 有啲已經達到 於是急不及待 又去做另外一個夢!!



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  • hkslot
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    1 十年前

    Some philosopher said one should have a dream for a meaningful life. My dreams are changing, some of which have been achieved, and I can’t wait to dream another dream!!

    When talking about the standard of firemen, the importance of knowledge compares to that of physiques. We are not hiring idiots, but the one who is excellent in both aspects. What you choose in between those with both academic background and physically powerful, and those who are physically strong but less educated? Though some topics are about logic and mind, but there are many topics related to the subjects we have learnt from schools.

    From the Capability Tendency Exams to the new arrangement, now there is a chance for you to let others know that The Fire Department is hiring cream of the crop! It won’t lower the quality standard. You guess they need no training after enrolment? They will be dismissed for not meeting the standard, regardless of your Doctor Degree. There are candidates dismissed from the Police Cadet School too. Many people are waiting for this opportunity!

    由有能力傾向試開始:sorry not quite understand this sentence, is 能力傾向試 an exam?

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  • 匿名
    1 十年前

    Philosophers state that every individual should have dreams in order to achieve a meaningful life. My dreams had been ever-changing. I had achieved some of them, and I couldn’t wait to dream of another one.

    The importance of knowledge is as vital as physical strength. They are not going to hire a fireman phil. What they are looking for is a fireman who is knowledgable and physically fit. How would you choose one? Although a lot of the topics are imaginary, yet it includes some of the subjects I had learnt.

    From the beginning of the ability tendency test until the current arrangement, the Fire Department wants to tell the public that they want to hire an elite. Basically the standard would not be decreased at all. Do you think one does not need training after entering the Academy? If one is incapable, you will be dismissed regardless of your Ph.D qualifications. The Police Academy had expelled a lot of students from their institution. Many people are waiting for this opportunity.

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