IT in Government(20 points)

Here are five questions. Please help me. THX!

- What are public services of information technology provided by the government in Hong

Kong? Give some examples in details.

- What are the advantages of these services?

- What are the consequences without these services?

- Are there any negative effects when these information services become popular?

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  • 1 十年前

    1. Technology Crime Division(TCD)

    2. (e.g. Hong Kong Police : Hong Kong Police Force is committed to the prevention and detection of technology crime)

    3. The Technology Crime Division (TCD), is tasked with carrying out technology related investigations, collection of digital evidence, forensic examinations of computer systems, and liaison with local and international agencies for timely and efficient intelligence and experience exchange.

    4. Cyber Crime increase make Hong Kong to become Hacker paradise.

    5. No.

    Hope the information is the answer you need.