IS問題:Experiment-Melting of Ice

(Doing this experiment in the laboratory)

Procedures:When the ice is melting,record the temperature every minute for five minutes.


0 minute:22 degree Celsius

1 minute:9 degree Celsius

2 minute:9 degree Celsius

3 minute:10 degree Celsius

4 minute:11 degree Celsius

5 minute:11 degree Celsius


1.Why temperature should be measured after the ice started melting?

2.What is the melting point of ice shown in this experiment?

3.Try to explain why the melting point was not 0 degree Celsius in the experiment?

(15 points)Help plz!!!

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  • 1 十年前

    1. It's because the result will be more exact when we measured after the ice started melting as the ice water can cover all the head of the thermometer.

    2. *Your result maybe wrong*(0 min should be *-22* degree Celsius, I think)

    If 0 min was *-22* degree Celsius,

    The Ans you should do by yourself because you can see what the time does the

    ice melt and completely change to water, so it is the melting point (Ans).

    3. It is not a pure ice.It has impurities.

    資料來源: My S.1 knowledge