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Would you mind help me ?

change in English~~~

Let me introduce a good place to you!Potoi Isalnd... 螺洲島~ 宋剛~橫瀾島 ~蒲台群島的主島,島上盡是嶙峋怪石和紋理變化多樣的岩層,處處奇觀。遊人可沿着海岸小徑享受歷險的旅程,或走到小島南端,登上面向南中國海的花崗石絕壁,若您運氣好的話,可得見白腹海鵰和海龜。


Please use the simple english!

Thanks a lot !


have you ever been there ?

would you mind give your feeling?

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Thank you very much for your help!

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    Let me introduce a good place to you!......That the main island is Potoi Island it containing three small islands: Beaufort~Sung Kong and Waglan Island where are full of craggy and fairy stones more irregularly, spectacle everywhere.

    Visitors can enjoy that adventure tourney along the path of coast or reaching to the south, there we can climb up the cliffy crouan where faced to the south China sea. If you are the lucky one, perhaps you will see the sea eagle with white abdomen and chelonian.

    As also, there are rock of bier, rock of buddha's hands, Mo's ancient home, lighthouse and the rock of a climbing tortoise with power

    up to the mountain....etc. Those are the famous scenic spots there......

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    知錯能改 : 錯用(noun)adventure.......改用(adj.) adventurous. ''兩個noun.在一起唔多妥.''

    .................錯用coast是由海中望向岸的邊沿..................改用 shore''是由岸望出的海岸.

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    Let me introduce a good place to you! Potoi Island... Beaufort Island~Song Gang~Waglan Island ~In the main island of the Po Toi. Islands, jagged rocks of grotesque shapes and rock stratums with variable lines are all over the island, which make it an unusual spectacle. Tourists can enjoy the adventurous itinerary along the sideway by the sea shore, or, they can walk to the South of the island, climb to precipice of the granite which faces the South China Sea. And if you are lucky, you will meet white-bellied sea eagles and sea turtles!

    Moreover, there are also some famous scenic spots like Coffin Rock, Buddha's Palm Cliff , The Old Mansion of Family Mo, lighthouse, Tortoise Rock, etc.